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Image:Name:Contact:Campus Name:Website:
Addie Goodson Goodson, Addie
agoodson@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Heidi Goyer
Goyer, Heidi
hgoyer@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Larry Guinn
Guinn, Larry
Social Studies / Coach
lguinn@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Byron Gutierrez Gutierrez, Byron
bgutierrez@harrahschools.comHarrah High School
David  hairell hairell, David
Assistant Principal at Harrah High School
dhairell@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
David Hairell
Hairell, David
Asst. Principal
dhairell@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Katy Hairell
Hairell, Katy
Physical Education
khairell@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Justin Harkey
Harkey, Justin
jharkey@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Amanda Harris Harris, Amanda
5th Grade Teacher
aharris@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Cindy Hart
Hart, Cindy
Language / Reading
chart@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Maegan Heath
Heath, Maegan
First Grade
mheath@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Johnny Henderson
Henderson, Johnny
Social Studies
jhenderson@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Cheryl  Hessman Hessman, Cheryl
Principal at Clara Reynolds
chessman@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Cheryl Hessman
Hessman, Cheryl
chessman@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Curtis Hilburn
Hilburn, Curtis
Science / Coach
chilburn@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Dianna Hilburn Hilburn, Dianna
Assistant Principal at Harrah Middle School
dhilburn@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Dianna Hilburn
Hilburn, Dianna
dhilburn@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Lori Hill Hill, Lori
lhill@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Leslie Hobaugh Hobaugh, Leslie
Encumbrance Clerk/Minutes Clerk
lhobaugh@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Christy Hoch Hoch, Christy
2nd Grade Teacher
choch@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Les Hoch
Hoch, Les
Physical Education / Health
lhoch@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Alex Hodge Hodge, Alex
1st Grade Teacher
ahodge@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Jennifer Hofeld
Hofeld, Jennifer
jhofeld@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Pam Holland
Holland, Pam
Fifth Grade Teacher
pholland@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Linda Hover
Hover, Linda
lhover@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Teri Hudspeth
Hudspeth, Teri
Social Studies / Skills / Coach
thudspeth@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Vickie Hunt
Hunt, Vickie
vhunt@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Kathy Huskey
Huskey, Kathy
Music Teacher
khuskey@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Staci Ingraham
Ingraham, Staci
singraham@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Sandra Janowiak
Janowiak, Sandra
sjanowiak@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Austin Jennings Jennings, Austin
Distance Learning
ajennings@harrahschools.comHarrah High School
Don  Johnson
Johnson, Don
Head Custodian
djohnson@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Diane Jones Jones, Diane
Head Custodian
djones@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School
Free Jordan Jordan, Free
Vice-Principal Secretary
fjordan@harrahschools.comHarrah High School
Carla Jorski
Jorski, Carla
Third Grade Teacher
cjorski@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Aaron  Kaspereit
Kaspereit, Aaron
akaspereit@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Sharon Keil
Keil, Sharon
4th Grade Teacher
skeil@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Melissa Killgore Killgore, Melissa
mkillgore@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Pamela Kinsley Kinsley, Pamela
2nd Grade Teacher
pkinsley@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Stefanie  Lane Lane, Stefanie
4th Grade Teacher
slane@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Michelle LaPach LaPach, Michelle
Teacher Assistant
mlapach@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School
Vera Larsen Larsen, Vera
Third Grade Teacher
vlarsen@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Karen Lashley
Lashley, Karen
klashley@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Pattie Lastinger Lastinger, Pattie
plastinger@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School
Marsha Leathers
Leathers, Marsha
Native American Education
mleathers@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Marsha Leathers Leathers, Marsha
Indian Education Tutor
mleathers@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Teri Leathers
Leathers, Teri
Fifth Grade Teacher
tleathers@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Jeannie Lewelling Lewelling, Jeannie
Principal Secretary
jlewelling@harrahschools.comHarrah High School
Jeff Mahoney Mahoney, Jeff
jmahoney@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Annette Martin
Martin, Annette
amartin@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Mary Mascho
Mascho, Mary
Foreign Language
mmascho@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Sheri Massey
Massey, Sheri
Multi-grade Teacher
smassey@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Penny Maull Maull, Penny
Payroll/Personnel Clerk
pennymaull@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Phil Maull
Maull, Phil
Science / Media Specialist
pmaull@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Mike  McAfee McAfee, Mike
Principal at Russell Babb Elementary
mmcafee@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Mike McAfee McAfee, Mike
mmcafee@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Amy  McBride
McBride, Amy
amcbride@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Brian  McCalip McCalip, Brian
bmccalip@harrahschools.comHarrah High School
Shannon McCroskey
McCroskey, Shannon
Fifth Grade Teacher
smccroskey@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Sarah McLaughlin McLaughlin, Sarah
1st Grade Teacher
smclaughlin@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
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