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Staci Adams
Adams, Staci
4th Grade Teacher
sadams@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Iva Adams-Menaker
Adams-Menaker, Iva
imenaker@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Kimberly  Anderson Anderson, Kimberly
4th Grade Teacher
Russell Babb Elementary School
Lacy Arnold Arnold, Lacy
larnold@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Morgan Arnold Arnold, Morgan
First Grade
marnold@harraschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Thad Ayers Ayers, Thad
Language Arts
tayers@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Shannon Baker
Baker, Shannon
Social Studies
sbaker@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Ryan Bates Bates, Ryan
Social Studies
rbates@harrahschoos.comHarrah High School
Laurinda Bell Bell, Laurinda
Counselor Secretary
lbell@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Denessa Blake Blake, Denessa
dblake@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Paul Blessington
Blessington, Paul
pblessington@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Renee Blessington
Blessington, Renee
Multi-grade Teacher
rblessington@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Barbara Bloyed
Bloyed, Barbara
bbloyed@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Megan Bluhm
Bluhm, Megan
mbluhm@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Donna Boyer
Boyer, Donna
Media Specialist
dboyer@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Valerie Boyne Boyne, Valerie
Indian Education Tutor
vboyne@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School
Valerie  Boyne
Boyne, Valerie
Native American Education
vboyne@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Allison  Brown Brown, Allison
Federal Programs & Professional Development Director
abrown@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Billy Burnett Burnett, Billy
8th Grade Science/Coach
bburnett@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Daisy Butler Butler, Daisy
Computer Lab
dbutler@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School
Christiane Buxton Buxton, Christiane
First Grade
cbuxton@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Heather Caldwell Caldwell, Heather
3rd Grade
hcaldwell@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Jane Cameron
Cameron, Jane
Computer Science / Art
jcameron@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
Gayle Campbell
Campbell, Gayle
Math Teacher
gcampbell@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Valerie Campbell
Campbell, Valerie
Fifth Grade Teacher
vmabry@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Kim Cantrell Cantrell, Kim
Principal Secretary
kcantrell@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School
Shay Cantrell
Cantrell, Shay
scantrell@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Shelly Cantrell Cantrell, Shelly
shellycantrell@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Brad  Carey Carey, Brad
FFA Instructor
bcarey@harrahschools.comHarrah High School
Kristi Chambers
Chambers, Kristi
Speech Path
kchambers@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Doris Coleman Coleman, Doris
Indian Education Tutor
dcoleman@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School
Mary Columbus
Columbus, Mary
Second Grade Teacher
mcolumbus@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Beth Cook
Cook, Beth
Fifth Grade Teacher
bcook@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Charles Copeland
Copeland, Charles
ccopeland@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Regina  Cotter
Cotter, Regina
Teaching Assistant
rcotter@harahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Regina Cotter Cotter, Regina
Teacher Assistant
rcotter@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Tim Craig Craig, Tim
Transportation Director
busbarn@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools View Website
Tim  Craig Craig, Tim
Transportation Director
tcraig@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Allison Crowder
Crowder, Allison
5th Grade Teacher
acrowder@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Kathryn Crutchfield Crutchfield, Kathryn
Special Services Director
kcrutchfield@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Dana Cunningham Cunningham, Dana
First Grade
dcunnungham@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Steve Cunningham
Cunningham, Steve
scunningham@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Tina Curry Curry, Tina
5th Grade Teacher
tcurry@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Jenna Davenport Davenport, Jenna
First Grade
jdavenport@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Justus Davenport Davenport, Justus
Math / Science / Language Arts
jjdavenport@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School View Website
DeeDee  Devine
Devine, DeeDee
Third Grade Teacher
ddevine@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Tammy Devine
Devine, Tammy
Hearing Impaired Teacher
tdevine@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Gwena Dixon Dixon, Gwena
gdixon@harrahschools.comHarrah High School
Chelsi Dotson Dotson, Chelsi
Algebra 1
cmacom@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Brooke  Drew Drew, Brooke
Special Needs
bdrew@harrahschools.comHarrah High School
Nela  Edwards Edwards, Nela
Food Service Director
nedwards@harrahschools.comHarrah Public Schools
Brandy Evans Evans, Brandy
bevans@harrahschools.comHarrah Middle School
Kathleen Fauchier
Fauchier, Kathleen
Teaching Assistant
kfauchier@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School
Shanda Flowers Flowers, Shanda
sflowers@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Angela Freeman
Freeman, Angela
Title 1 Reading Teacher
afreeman@harrahschools.comVirginia Smith Elementary School View Website
Jennifer Freer
Freer, Jennifer
Third Grade Teacher
jfreer@harrahschools.comClara Reynolds Elementary School View Website
Kayla Gabelmann Gabelmann, Kayla
9th English
kgabelmann@harrahschools.comHarrah High School View Website
Pam Gault
Gault, Pam
Fourth Grade Teacher
pgault@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
Brianna  Godfrey Godfrey, Brianna
bgodfrey@harrahschools.comHarrah High School
Sharon Godfrey
Godfrey, Sharon
Physical Education
sgodfrey@harrahschools.comRussell Babb Elementary School View Website
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