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comment posted by Paul Blessington on 12-02-2013
Harrah Citzens for Smart Spending- Those are great questions. We have a meeting this evening and every Monday night at 6 pm in the Administration Building and those questions and any others can be addressed.
comment posted by Harrah citzens for smart spending on 12-02-2013
Why are you hiding the vote count on the school needs. Why is there a city official on the planning committee. How come there is not a rep from each school there.?
comment posted by Troy Skorkowsky on 11-25-2013
A short overview of needs I see that can be immediately and quickly addressed are:
1.Math books (my 9th grade Algebra student is not taught out of a book but instead by "notes") 2.Technology especially that which enhances college prep courses, agricultural sciences, and our outdated science labs.
3.School consolidation starting with putting freshmen back in the high school.
4.Site repairs including eliminating the flat roofs.
5.Technology that updates the substandard phone and networking systems in our district.
6.Modification of facilities to enhance handicap access to current sites such as Russell Babb cafeteria and gym, Middle School Auditorium, Baseball field, Ag Barn, and softball field.
comment posted by Troy Skorkowsky on 11-25-2013
In the recent school board meetings I understood that the current roof repair needs have been addressed. Can a list of current immediate needs as such be listed publicly so that "newcomers" reffered to this website will understand what we are truley up against?
comment posted by Debbie Hoemann on 11-21-2013
Our needs include Technology and a full-time Title 1 Reading and Math teacher for each site.
comment posted by Jeff Brzozowski on 11-15-2013
1.Immediate needs of Technology 2. Get rid of these flat roofs that are forever causing reoccurring problems. 3. School consolidation and site repairs.

Get things fixed and repaired before tackling new projects. Build a sense of confidence by selecting key projects and completing them to improve accountability. Unfortunately somethings will have to wait for the future. Fixing our current problems on facilities that we have should be top priority.

Just my thoughts
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