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New Employee Information

Welcome to Harrah Public Schools!

We are excited that you have decided to become part of the Harrah Public School’s team!!  In an effort to make it easier for you to complete your new employee paperwork, we have made it available to you below.

You will find a New Employee Packet (either Certified or Support) that contains the forms we need for your personnel file.  Please call human resources at 405-347-2826 to make an appointment to bring in your paperwork, cover benefits, pay, etc.  When you come to your appointment, Certified Employees need to bring your original teaching certificate, and college transcript.  Support employees that are Paraprofessionals or Teacher Aides need to bring a copy of their high school diploma.  All new employees need to bring their either a passport, or two other forms of ID such as driver’s license, Social Security Card, etc.  (See the I-9 form in the new employee packet for acceptable forms of ID).

Under Background Check Form, you will find the form needed to obtain your national fingerprint background check.  This is mandantory, and needs to be done prior to starting work if at all possible.  The cost is $57.25, and the District will reimburse you for this expense.  Appointments are now required for your Background Check.  We prefer they be done at the Oklahoma State Department of Education, but if it is easier, or you are unable to schedule a timely appointment, they can also be done at a satellite location which you will see on the IdenToGo website.  

Please contact Penny in Human Resources if you have any questions.



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